Shopify is the shopping platform for pipe dream polish.

FAQ's regarding Shopify shopping and checkout process:

Is there a cart hold?  Cart hold is 5 minutes but does not start until the check out process has began.  When a customer proceeds to check out the items in their cart, their order is put on hold for 5 minutes to give the customer a chance to complete the checkout without someone else purchasing the same items and the site overselling. If checkout takes longer than 5 minutes, the items in the cart will go back to inventory.

Why am I able to add items to my cart but when I go to checkout they are not there?  When items are in someone else's cart, it creates a temporary hold for those products until the checkout process is complete. Holds do not reduce the inventory so the store will show "still in stock" but checkout will not show the product in inventory. The storefront is unable to sync in real time during high traffic as the inventory changes by the second or minute so the product will not be taken out of inventory until the purchase is complete in other carts. The reason for this is to help eliminate oversells and that if the customer does not check out in less than 5 minutes, the product will go back to inventory. It will not reflect that the products are sold out until all checkouts of all products are complete.

How can everything already be sold out right at a launch or restock?  If several people are trying to get the same product at the same time then the first ones who add to their carts get a chance to purchase the product. It then creates a hold on the product in which they will have 5 minutes to purchase before it is added back to inventory as explained in previous questions above.

How can I expedite the checkout process?  Creating an account here with your updated information will help speed up the checkout. Go to Log in at top of page and follow the steps to create an account.